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Installing Prosody

Official Prosody documentation:


To compile Prosody, you need some dependencies (they are mentioned in the Installing from source).

On Debian you can run the following to install dependencies:

sudo apt-get install lua5.1 liblua5.1-dev libidn11-dev libssl-dev luarocks libevent-dev zlib1g-dev


Some lua rocks (lua packages) also need to be installed. For my own Prosody instance I have the following ones installed:

  luabitop 1.0.2-3
  lua-cjson 2.1.0-1
  luadbi 0.5-1
  luafilesystem 1.6.2
  luajson 1.3.3-1
  luasocket 3.0rc1-2
  termfx 0.7-1
  luasec 0.7alpha-2
  lua-zlib 0.4-1
  luadbi-sqlite3 0.5-1
  luaevent 0.4.4
  luaexpat 1.3.0-1
  luaossl 20161214-0


This snippet contains a sample configuration file for Prosody.

If does the following:

  • Adds the virtual host, so a user's JID will be for example
  • Adds the groupchat host, so a chatroom's JID will be for example
  • Adds the pubsub host
  • Adds a server component (which will be the appserver)

The following community-provided plugins are configured (and need to be available to Prosody):

Community Modules

The example configuration file uses various community modules. You'll need to clone the community-modules repo somewhere and make sure prosody can read it via the plugin_paths settings in the configuration file.

Currently I use revision 1a1affd22f74 and which works well.

Custom Modules

I've created a repo in which we keep Prosody modules which we've customized or for which we need the latest versions (which aren't available in version 0.10.2).

This repo needs to be specified first in the plugin_paths setting, then the community modules and then the built-in modules.

File sharing

To support sharing files via http upload (XEP-0363), you'll need to install and configure xmpp-http-upload which is a Python HTTP service for hosting the files.

Push notifications

For push notifications, you'll need to set up and configure the appserver.


We're using OAuth (via mod_auth_oauthbearer) for authentication. The following configuration (with proper values) needs to be added to your VirtualHost section in your config file:

oauth_client_id = "13f8e9cc8928b3409822"
oauth_client_secret = "983161fd3ah608ea7ef35382668aad1927463978"
oauth_url = "{{oauth_client_id}}/tokens/{{password}}";

authentication = "oauthbearer"
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