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multiple twitter accounts: update upload script

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import os
from csv import DictReader
from risefor_lobbying.models import Representative, Phone, Email,representativeFunction,commissionPermanente,missionParlementaire,groupeEtude
from risefor_lobbying.models import Representative, TwitterAccount,Phone, Email,representativeFunction,commissionPermanente,missionParlementaire,groupeEtude
from import BaseCommand
from django.db.models import Value
from django.db.models.functions import Concat
......@@ -194,6 +194,32 @@ class Command(BaseCommand):
email.representative = representative
if row["twitter"]:
newTwitter = row["twitter"]
newTwitter = newTwitter.replace("[","")
newTwitter = newTwitter.replace("]","")
newTwitter = newTwitter.replace("'","")
if newTwitter:
if (";" in newTwitter) or ("," in newTwitter):
if ";" in newTwitter:
twitterAccounts = newTwitter.split(";")
if "," in newTwitter:
twitterAccounts = newTwitter.split(",")
for newTwitter in twitterAccounts:
newTwitter = newTwitter.replace(" ","")
newTwitter = newTwitter.replace("-","")
if newTwitter:
twitter = TwitterAccount() = newTwitter
twitter.representative = representative
twitter = TwitterAccount() = newTwitter
twitter.representative = representative
#handle multiple inputs
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